Use your brain, and join us at the NAR-Lab!

Neuro-Analytical Reasoning®

We are humans, not cells. And, we have a brain. So, whatever you think, whatever your reflexes, your feelings, being awake or asleep, being aroused, healthy, sick, angry, satisfied, it is regulated by your brain. Knowing the core of brain functioning gives you insight into each and every process you will encounter. Furthermore, as all organizations consist of one or more humans, they have a brain too! So knowing your brain, lets you optimize your business processes, decisions, meetings, negotiations, staff qualities.

Neuro-Analytical Reasoning® (NAR) is a grammar, built up from rules that you can use at your own convenience. Ignoring these rules may substantially decrease the quality of your analyses and or actions (Happens all the time). You may call it the 'Sine Qua Non' of professional and personal functioning, as a person, and as a group of persons. 

We have been in the business since 1992 and have developed a grammar, a language. We call it Neuro-Analytical Reasoning®. We use it to help you with your business decisions, return to play programs, diagnostics, performance anxiety, re-organisation, personal development, negotiation strategy.

If you want to, we can teach you to use it too. It's not rocket science, just:

1. Really really knowing basic brain function concepts (this is the fun part!).

2. Learning to apply this to whatever you are involved in (this is the surprising part!).